commitment to taste
The Dogo Onsen hot springs were initially opened 3,000 years ago and
local sake of Dogo Onsen has been part of the history.

Minakuchi Shuzo was founded in 1895.
Since then, we have produced sake in Dogo
and gone hand-in-hand with “Dogo Onsen Honkan.”
We are the only brewer not only in Dogo but also in Matsuyama and Ehime.
~High-quality sake whose name is derived from “the port filled with joy of benevolence, ”
”Seishu Nikitatsu”
Local brand sake of Dogo “Dogo Kurazake,”
Refreshment beer after your bath “Dogo Beer,”
Ehime-grown fruit juice-based sparkling liqor “Dogo Ale,”
Ehime-grown agricultural, forestry and fishery brand products-based “Dogo Shochu,”
and refreshment cider after your bath “Dogo Cider”
They are our main products.
We hope that visitors from across the world
will keep a good memory of Dogoin in their heart,
producing the “Dogo story.”
We won the Gold Award seven times
in the Annual Japan Sake Awards.
We are recently engaging in the production of cosmetics in addition to food,
helping promote tourism to Dogo in many aspects.
Dogo is fun to see, delicious to eat,
and beautiful to touch.
Please enjoy Dogo to your heart’s content.

Business description

List of products

List of products

We provide a variety of products ranging from sake, beer, original goods to cosmetics. Please choose whatever you like.

Information about our captive shops

Information about our captive shops

Pop in “Dogo Bakushkan” opposite to Dogo Onsen Honkan or “Dogo Bakushkan Bekkan” on the cobbled street for refreshment after your bath, “Nikitatsuan” on the cobbled street for delicious sake and food, and “Nikitatsu Club,” next to “Nikitatsuan” for souvenirs.

Shops that sell Dogo Beer

Shops that sell Dogo Beer

Dogo Beer is available in shops not only in Dogo, but also in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. Just come in to enjoy it.

Minakuchi Shuzo’s concept

Minakuchi Shuzo was founded by Daishichiro Minakuchi in 1895. Time has changed, but our commitment to taste has remained unchanged. “Nikitatsu,” derived from the ancient name of Dogo ”Nikitatsu,” which is referred to in Mon’yoshu (the oldest collection of Japanese poetry as far back as the 8th century), is still loved as sake of Dogo.

Company information

Company name
Minakuchi Shuzo Mnaakuchi Shuzo Corporation
(zip: 790-0848)
3-23, Dogokitamachi, Matcuyama city, Ehime
President Yoshitsugu Minakuchi Yoshitsugu Minakuchi

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